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This journal is all real life (in as much as sometimes flailing over J-rock and J-pop can also constitute as real life).  All of my fic is posted at getnakedplzkthx, not here, so if you're just here for that, feel free to friend that journal instead. :)

Otherwise, please remind me how we know each other/why you're friending me, because my memory is about as useful as a sieve for drinking water is.  XD
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Stolen from drphoenix:

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts you will never know who it is.

If you don't want to go anon, I promise I have thick skin. XD <3
Aki - Tooooouch

Rumours of my death were not so exaggerated...

Nov 26 - Came home from work feeling crappy; went to bed.
Nov 27/28 - Couldn't wake up or eat.
Nov 29 - Felt a bit better; tried to go to work; ended up coming home.
Nov 30-Dec 3 - Couldn't eat anything, had blood taken, urinalysis, etc.
Dec 4 - Went for abdo/pelvic ultrasound to rule out appendicitis
Dec 6 - Feeling better, returned to work.
Dec 8 - Doctor called with ultrasound results.
Dec 10 - Went to see MD for results.

I have a fucking KIDNEY STONE. Yeah. Wtf. It's 5mm, so I'm waiting for an appointment with my urologist to see what he wants to do. XD

Also, in non-health issues, I've been watching The Walking Dead and thanks to lavenderseaslug, Sanctuary.

I'm almost done season one of Sanctuary, so yeah, it's pretty awesome.

The Walking Dead isn't something I'd normally watch being a big sissy and all, but despite the gore it doesn't do that stupid pop-shit-out-of-nowhere that horror films do to scare the shit out of you, so I'm okay. XD

As of June 2011 my car will be fully paid off! Yay! Which means I can start looking for a place to move to near work, because I wanted to be debt free before I did that. :]

Anyway... so how are all of you?
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je_squickfic reveals are up and I owe yey_yey a portion of my black bottomless soul.

Thank you SO MUCH for that fic, it was AMAZING and everything I did and didn't know I wanted. I was DEFINITELY not disappointed. I can only hope that sanjihan enjoyed her fic from me as half as much as I enjoyed my fic.

(Though I am still rofling at the fact that I got her for FQF and Squick.)
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Took my baby out for drives today. Dear God I've missed driving. Just having the freedom to buy something large at a shop and not have to worry about walking home with it. T^T

Have my NaNo plot. Am amused that the boys' first initials spell out BAMF. Am thinking of taking a page from KAT-TUN's book and using that for their band name.

And not just because it makes me think of BAMPS.

Did some Christmas shopping today and made some cupcakes. Also did my laundry that I've been putting off. XD I don't even hate laundry, just folding it.

Again, I'd like to thank imifumei for my jerainbowbridge fic. It was amazing and fantastic and made my heart all squishy and everyone should read it!

I'll repost my fic for track_04 when I get unlazy. I feel kind of bad about it, because even though I like it, it wasn't what I'd really intended to write her and I have the feeling it wasn't quite her cup of tea. T^T Sorry!

I miss my kitty. They're in getting spayed and neutered and stuff. Poor babies.
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I should finish packing so that I can nap. So what am I doing? Not packing. Though, I am almost done, I'm just finishing up my carry-on and etc's. >.>

Sarumama and Sarupapa bought me an e-reader as an early birthday gift, so it is charged and primed with gay erotic fiction for the journey. d(o.o)

Ugh... so sleepy... =.=

*smacks self into not procrastinating*

So yeah... if you need me before Oct 4. I am at slytherisa's. You can DM on Twitter at @NoodleyLove, or you know, just comment here. XD I have my phone with me and emails and stuff go to it. :]

ILU All!! heart1heart1heart1